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Bowling for Soup, 8/23/05, Rcktwn

Full Bowling for Soup post (with pictures) behind the cut:

MMk, so tonight was Bowling for Soup at Rocketown. So yes, I got all pretty with my new green Taking Back Sunday shirt and my green eyeliner, and was ready to go. I called Ashley to see if she was going, but I think she's sick. Actually, I think she's stressed herself out and made herself sick due to money problems (i.e. rent and school). I hope she gets better soon. So while at dinner, I was texting David trying to figure out what was happening... So it turns out that there was possibly 6 people going (me, kaite, ashley, david, lindsay, josh) and only 2 (me and david) went. lol. At least he was able to go so I was able to go. woo, it was fun. So he met me at my house and we drove together.

So yes, we get to Rocketown, and pay at the door, and go on in... uhm, yeah... there's like 10 people there... seriously. and they're all lined up front row. Last time I was there it was a decent crowd and a baracade.. No baracade and like 10 people. lol.. So we go and naturally get 2nd row.. (which somehow turned into like 3rd or 4th, lol) and yeah.. we're standing around and talking and yeah.. takes like forever for the first band to come on.

The first band was Paramore... pretty good, but we couldn't really here the vocals. There were two kids up front that apparently drove 5 hours just to see them... I was like damn. lol. And those kids absolutely rocked.the.fuck.out. lol. So yes... and I'm pretty sure the lead singer (a girl, btw) was wearing a shirt that said 'Les'.

Image hosted by
^really good shot david took.

Image hosted by
^pretty colors. ;)

Image hosted by
^again, pretty colors.

So they finish and they're setting up for Wakefield. ... The set changes took forever, by the way. More people are finally starting to show up, but it's still not packed. so yes. This is when all hell decided to break out. These 4 young (btw, i think i'm like one of 3 oldest there... besides parents) preppy bitches get in front of us... yeah.. mmhmm... not gonna work. I'm sorry, but don't be a poser and not even know one song (cuz they didn't) ..... ...... especially when you drive an hour! (i'll get into that in a bit tho.) So of course me and David had a grand time making fun of them... great thing is i think they heard us, lol.

Would you like to see the bitches? I'm sure you would, lol:

Image hosted by

Image hosted by

^notice the cell phone usage in preppy manor. Now, this doesn't mean i'm dissing using a cell phone.. just please don't try to look like you're cooler than everybody while doing it, lol.

I don't know, I've calmed down a bit from it. Altho if you check david's lj, he's still a bit pissed, lol.

OK, so let me enter the "Let me not be hypocritical Speech" here:

So yes, I realize that *shock* I'm mainstreem. And while many people have accused me of being a poser (or poseur.. whatever, it's poser tonight.. you all know i can't spell anyways) I am not. Why? Because posers are trying to be a part of a scene because it's the popular thing to do at the time and they get the title because they know nothing about it. Now, every band that I truly truly like, I know something about. Generally, I tend to obsess over them. So don't say I'm doing it just because everybody else is. If that was the case I would love every screamo band (and screamo tends to be annoying... except for a few bands) and would not still listen to the Backstreet Boys and Hanson or like Linkin Park or Nickelback... Ok? There. I admited it. So shoot me. I like what I like. Don't fuck with me with the poser game, because you will lose. Now yes, there are a few bands that I don't know that much about and will go and see live. Because if they are good live, then they are worth checking out... And there are a few bands that are good live that I can't stand on cd... So there. *end rant 1*

MMK, so next was Wakefield. They were really really good. We took lots of pics (before my battery decided to die) and yes... I kind of forgot about them for a few years, and apparently they have a new cd out.. *shruggs* Much better live than I was expecting.

So yes, for you die hard Old Good Charlotte fans, two guesses as to who the drummer is:

Image hosted by

Image hosted by

Yes, that's right, Aaron. I was telling David after their set that I kinda wanted to go up to him and shake his hand and say "Thankyou for being in GC. Thankyou for knowing when to get out" lol. I mean, I still love GC... but come on... Luie Vuton? WTF?! ...... damn. anyways.. moving on with tonight.

More pics shall we?

Image hosted by

Image hosted by

Image hosted by

Image hosted by

^pretty blue Flying V Guitar. I.Want. (and if you want to throw in the guitarist with it, that's ok with me too, lol)

Image hosted by

Image hosted by

Image hosted by

During one of their songs (one that David knew, since they only played 2 old songs) They said that whoever rocked out the hardest would get a free shirt. In my oppinion David should have won, sense he was the ONLY one that knew the lyrics. But, this is where the idiot bitches come to play... One of the girls in front of us (as seen above, the one with the pony tail) decided that she was going to 'rock out'. So she took her hair down, and decided to 'rock out by "head banging" ' .... yeah well, she got tired of that real fast and put her hair back up in a pony tail... well apparently her friends thought that it looked bad, because they made her re do it... uhm, ok... A) you're at a rock show. We don't give a damn what you look like, as long as you don't do something to make us notice... B) Nobody! damn... So yes, they spent like 2 songs trying to fix the poor girls hair... I was just like WTF? besides, if your hair was as cool as mine, you could rock out as much as possible and it still look good... cuz mine still looked fine when I got home, and I rocked out pretty hard...

So yes... damn stupid teenie girls.

Here's David:
Image hosted by

Heh. We got shirts, and the front says "Bowling for Soup" and the back says " " Bowling for Soup is the worst pop band in the history of music...period!" - Zac Pennington, Portland Mercury" I thought it was great. And the merch guy said it's an actual quote put into a newspaper.. The band found out and decided to put it on a shirt, lmao.

So then here's the break between Wakefield and Bowling for Soup.. the girls in front of us are talking and all.. and David notices these guys getting close to us, and he tells me not to let them in.. which i had no intentions of doing anyways... so yes... so the guy comes up to my side, and starts hitting on the girls in front of us! lol.. he's like hi my names ____ whats yours? and so they tell them and all and they ask how old he is... he's 17, they're 16. so yes, he invites them upstairs (to where they have games and a pool tabel and coffee bar and all) and they say no 'because they don't want to loose their good spot......' right..... mmhmm... so yeah.. i found it rather amusing..

and then it was Bowling for Soup. They were good. As predicted the girls in front of us only knew one song, 1985. They played a lot of good songs.. two seater, girl all the bad guys want, suckerpunch, emily ... etc etc etc... they also did a cover of Social Distortions "Ball and Chain" So of course Me, David, and one parent were the only ones that knew the lyrics. lol.

So yes, it was fun.

Only one BFS pic, because my camera hates me, lol.

Image hosted by

So yes... I got david a pic in the middle of their set, cuz it was on the ground, and then he got me a pic (that was stuck in my hair, lmao) at the end. so yes, all in all a good time was had by all.

So we're in the parking lot across from the Gaylord entertainment center, and wouldn't you know it, some letters were unlit:

Image hosted by


So yes, a very good night indeed. and now I'm tired. 930-6 tommorow. woo.

And I think I'm gonna start just wearing fun eyeliner that matches my shirts cuz yes, I like it a lot. *nods* and it takes up lots less time, lol. Cept for my pink / red eyes when needed. ... because i <3 them, lol.
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Yes fuck those prep posers up their stupid asses

I love the Gay Entertainment Center! its the shiznittle bam snick snack sandwhich!

I had a lot of fun last night, especially making fun of all the people that didn't know the music....idiots....
its the shiznittle bam snick snack sandwhich!

lmfao. i need to remember to use that.

last night was really really great =)
do you by any chance remember which tour was this show from? :P