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Good Charlotte/Simple Plan/Relient K - May 27, 2005

So if you would like to know all about the trip to Atlanta, and Relient K, and Simple Plan, and Good Charlotte, please click on the following link:

So yes. The day started off exciting. I was surprised to be up by 8, since I had been up so late the night before, but none the less I'm up and getting ready. Ashley sends me a text message saying that she's taking Elizabeth home and then she'll call me when she gets back. Well I'm gettin ready, and talking to Nat.. and still no word from Ashley. Well as I'm talking to Nat I get a call from Ashley. Ashley is lost.... in.. Putnam County... Now uhm, Putnam county is about oh i dunno, 40 miles AWAY from where she should be... SO yea. She went the wrong way on the interstate and yeah... So we're running a bit late. I swear Ashley, you will never live your lil visit to "Putnam County" down. *evil laugh*

So yeah, Ashley finally calls and we're on our way (after a few stops at each others house, heh). So yeah. I love car trips, I really really do. Just driving and listening to music and screaming out lyrics (cuz lord knows I can't sing) and just talking. It's great. So we drive for about oh I dunno, 300 miles or so and finally get to Atlanta. Aaannnd we didn't get lost once. wooo! Thank God no cops were around, cuz yeah, I was so doing like 80+ miles an hour, heh. We get there, find our hotel fairly easy, check in and get something to eat. Then we headed to the show.

So we get to the venue, and this is the first place I've ever been where they don't direct you where to park.... different. But anyways, I park and we go in. Get in and wait in line for the pit... Get wrist bands and finally get in. We're pretty damn close considering we got there after the doors opened. And there are so many young kids.. and parents.... and teenies. Good lord. Me and Ashley and maybe 10 other people were the only ones over 18.. ok, maybe 20 people were there over 18... not including parents.... but damn, I felt old. I was just like 'whoa'. And they brought signs....

Now I've heard in interviews, and Joel mentioned it himself onstage, that they like the signs. Personally the signs reminds me of my Hanson/BSB days and yeah... So personally, I hate poster signs... It's just not ... right for them. *shruggs* But thankfully during the show nobody held their signs up in front of me, cuz I would have been pissed....

So we're standing there, and Ashley's checking my watch every 5 minutes.. and just when we thought that the teenies around us were bad enough, they get worse. These three girls get in front of us and gah. They were annoying as hell. But I'll leave it to Ashley to let you know about the people around us... She just tells it better.

So finally Relient K started to play. They were pretty good. The group of 3 infront of us loved them *rolls eyes* R.K. was good tho. Wish that I knew more than just one of their songs, lol.

So then we're waiting and the crowd shifts some and yeah... and I notice....I'm tall... I'm never tall. I NEVER get to like look directly at the stage... but here I am and I.CAN.SEE!!! I'm so excited.

And then Simple Plan comes on. Now, I like Simple Plan, and I've seen them live... but HOT.DAMN. Being about 4 rows from the stage and getting to see them (without look around people) is GREAT. They are sooo sooo good live. I guess I kinda forgot, cuz the last time I saw them it was Warped Tour and I almost passed out before their gig... so yeah... I was kinda out of it.. But whoa! Friday was awesome. And David... let's just say that Mr. David Desrosiers is Fucking Hot live. *nods* Granted this isn't new information, but for a while he kinda went thru this 'ick' period.... But he is so fucking cute live. David was wearing a black button up shirt and his famous white tie... and of course his short, faded, black, tight pants. and Pierre was in a black Role Model shirt of course. I'm pretty sure that I almost broke Ashley's hand, lol. Sorry. And I'm pretty sure that David's gay.. but eh, ya never know, lol. AND NAT - Seb's guitar no longer says I <3 (Jamey?). It now just says I <3 _____ (the name has been whited out). So I know your happy *wink*

Their show was so so so so good. They played A LOT of old stuff. I was so happy. And according to Ashley, Pierre looked at me and smiled... So yay. And yes yes, I know, it probably wasn't me... but I was the only one that he could look at (cuz everyone else - except Ashley - was shorter than me..) So yeah... I'm just going to say that he smiled at me whether he did or not, lol. And he threw water on me (and the crowd, lol) And Ashley almost got me the water bottle, but yeah, there was kinda a fight about it so yeah... but that's ok. But Simple Plan was so good live. And they played every song that I wanted them too (i.e. #4 off their new album - Thank You and I'm pretty sure that they played "Crash and Burn") But yes, they were great. As soon as I can find a set list I'll post it.

Sadly I didn't get to take any pics, because my camera sucks ass.

So their set ended and it was almost time for Good Charlotte. So we're standing and waiting and yeah... Can't hear shit and yeah... It's great... And me and Ashley are trying not to pass out cuz it's soo hot... And they're setting up GC's tombstones and all... and finally (after what feels like forever) GC comes out.

Billy is NOT wearing the ugly black and white suit that he sometimes wears. Thank God. Instead, he's wearing black pants and a black pinstriped shirt with a yellow/green tie. And his eye make up matches his tie. It was awesome. And he is so so sooo much skinnier in person. Good lord, pictures really do add 10+ pounds to his pictures. And I love it. hehehehe. I'm evil I know. And Joel was wearing a sleeveless black HIM shirt. And Benji was wearing a black GC tour shirt of theirs and his black jean vest and he had his bandana over his mouth. And Pauls leg was in a brace, so he sat down on the edge of the drum riser the entire night. Poor thing.

Their show was ok. I mean it was good, but yeah. They didn't play anything off of their first cd... which made me mad. But oh well. They played quite a bit off of their new cd and The Young and the Hopeless...They did play Riot Girl wich was good. And Joel grabbed his crotch every other second, I swear. I was just like 'dude, it's not going anywhere... I promise' But Ashley loved it, lol.

And they made this whole big deal about how Benji's single (I know Nat's happy now, lol) and how he was going to find the 'One' in the Atlanta audience. Now, I've got to agree with Ashley. That is just wrong. I realize they're doing it to try to make the lil girls feel all special, but lets face it... None of us in that audience were 'the one'. Hell 90% of the people there were under 18 (not that that would stop Joel) and the other 8% were parents. eww. SO yeah... not gonna happen. *sigh*

And the girls around me were sooooo loud. Their screams. *shudders* If I wasn't deaf before, I deffinately am now. Sheesh. I mean, screaming as loud as they can dammit. lol.

And I'm pretty sure that Joel was a bit tipsy... if not drunk.. He was drinking out of a red cup while everyone else was drinking bottles of water. And he kept grabbing his crotch and doing other things with his crotch... and at one point he was like "I can grab my balls if I want" and so he did... And I thought that Billy's mouth was going to hit the floor. His eyes popped so far out of his head.... I swear Billy must have rolled his eyes at something Joel did or said at least 10 times... and Billy looked absolutely disgusted when they were doing the whole 'Benji is single' thing. I swear I won't be shocked if it's announced with in six months or so that Billy is leaving the band for 'Personal reasons' ... meaning that he can't take Joel's bullshit anymore. *sigh*

I wasn't dissapointed with their set, just a bit upset. I mean, they didn't play anything off of their first (and best) cd... and yeah.. i dunno. Joel did comment that people said that they didn't get the whole sign thing at their concerts, but he said that he loved the signs. *shruggs* personally, I hate the signs.

Joel also stood on the barrier thingy, and Ashley almost got to touch him. He had to keep pulling his shirt down over his crotch cuz girls kept trying to touch it... not that I blame them...

And then the concert was over. *sigh* and we left and didn't get lost getting back to the hotel. yay. I think Ashley did enough of that earlier in the day for us, lol.
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