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So the past 72hrs-ish

So this weekend has been the BEST weekend of my life. No kidding, in all seriousness - The FUCKING BEST! Oh... my...

I'll post a full update later, but yeah... here's the cliff notes version.

Fri 10/7:

* pick up david - drive to birmingham
* finally meet Nat and Miranda around 530ish... they are 12th in line (and had been in line since 1.) Meet Derek and Cole in line. (they will be important later on)
* Get into the venue (finall) and get ON the Baracade!!!
* On the Baracade for most of Reggie.
* Get pushed back to 3rd row for Alkeline Trio. Major humpage from behind me by the crowd.
* Big scary pierced troll dude scares the shit out of me and david, we leave and get merch and drinks
* MCR comes out *finally* and Fucking Rocks It.
* Find the busses outside... No one from MCR comes... See Matt Skiba, doesn't come over to us.
* Were forced to leave.

**Had THE shittiest hotel ever.

Sat 10/8
*Get up, Get ready, Drive to Atlanta.
*Find the fucking hotel *finally* after lots of uturns and traffic jams.
*Go to Target so Nat can get her pics developed. They come out lovely.
*Got fantabulous pics of everyone outside of Target
*Go to the show. Have seat seats. We could actually see this time.
*They rocked again. Everybody did. It was absolutely fan fucking tastic.

***Get taco bell, go back to the room, act like complete asses all night. Was sooo much fun.

Davids impersenation of James Dewees of Reggie is *Dead ON* ... IT is sooo friggin funny. And when he does James, Scott Weiland and Quagmire at the same time... it is ROFL Funny. Great Great stuff.

I LOVE Nat, and David, and Miranda. Miranda is like the sweetest girl ever. She's so nice and talented and absolutely great. And Nat... *sigh* I miss her already. And David... lets see, David is a very unique kind of special. He sooo made the trip worthwhile =)

Gah I had suuuuch a great time. We *HAVE* to do it again soon.

I think the roadtrip was the best part of the whole trip. I love those guys!!!
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