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Tonight was Weezer. It was fabulous. I love them so much. Went with Kaite. It was Great. They didn't play "Keep Fishing". Which upset me greatly, but oh well. They played some OLD stuff tho, so that's cool. Too bad Nat wasn't there. I hate that I missed Weezer ROCKED It!

Set List:
(from what I can remember. not in this order, these are by album, not by set list tonight.)

my name is jonas - opener
buddy holly
undone - the sweater song
say it ain't so
hash pipe
island in the sun
beverly hills
we are all on drugs
hold me
(can't remember the closer)

They also played a couple of other (Older) songs that I can't remember now... oh well..

However the DID NOT play:
dope nose
keep fishin

Pissed me off man. LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE Keep Fishin.

Oh well. Had a lovely time. =) Missed Nat tho =( She's the one that got me into them.
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