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Than any girl you'll ever meet, sweetie you had me

10/9/05 08:34 pm - So the past 72hrs-ish

So this weekend has been the BEST weekend of my life. No kidding, in all seriousness - The FUCKING BEST! Oh... my...

I'll post a full update later, but yeah... here's the cliff notes version.

Fri 10/7:

* pick up david - drive to birmingham
* finally meet Nat and Miranda around 530ish... they are 12th in line (and had been in line since 1.) Meet Derek and Cole in line. (they will be important later on)
* Get into the venue (finall) and get ON the Baracade!!!
* On the Baracade for most of Reggie.
* Get pushed back to 3rd row for Alkeline Trio. Major humpage from behind me by the crowd.
* Big scary pierced troll dude scares the shit out of me and david, we leave and get merch and drinks
* MCR comes out *finally* and Fucking Rocks It.
* Find the busses outside... No one from MCR comes... See Matt Skiba, doesn't come over to us.
* Were forced to leave.

**Had THE shittiest hotel ever.

Sat 10/8
*Get up, Get ready, Drive to Atlanta.
*Find the fucking hotel *finally* after lots of uturns and traffic jams.
*Go to Target so Nat can get her pics developed. They come out lovely.
*Got fantabulous pics of everyone outside of Target
*Go to the show. Have seat seats. We could actually see this time.
*They rocked again. Everybody did. It was absolutely fan fucking tastic.

***Get taco bell, go back to the room, act like complete asses all night. Was sooo much fun.

Davids impersenation of James Dewees of Reggie is *Dead ON* ... IT is sooo friggin funny. And when he does James, Scott Weiland and Quagmire at the same time... it is ROFL Funny. Great Great stuff.

I LOVE Nat, and David, and Miranda. Miranda is like the sweetest girl ever. She's so nice and talented and absolutely great. And Nat... *sigh* I miss her already. And David... lets see, David is a very unique kind of special. He sooo made the trip worthwhile =)

Gah I had suuuuch a great time. We *HAVE* to do it again soon.

I think the roadtrip was the best part of the whole trip. I love those guys!!!

8/24/05 08:44 am

Also, last night they were doing a lot of on stage banter (which is why i love and adore bowling for soup live) and i don't remember how it was brought up, but they were doing the whole 'this shit's bananas... b-a-n-a-n-a-s' and then they were talking about the drummer and they're like

"he's allergic to carrots .... c-a-r-r-o-t-s" funniest thing ever... i laughed til i almost cried, lol..

uhm, yes, hi i'm amanda and i'm a dork...

8/24/05 12:57 am - Bowling for Soup, 8/23/05, Rcktwn

Full Bowling for Soup post (with pictures) behind the cut:

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OK, so let me enter the "Let me not be hypocritical Speech" here:

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So yes, for you die hard Old Good Charlotte fans, two guesses as to who the drummer is:

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So yes, a very good night indeed. and now I'm tired. 930-6 tommorow. woo.

And I think I'm gonna start just wearing fun eyeliner that matches my shirts cuz yes, I like it a lot. *nods* and it takes up lots less time, lol. Cept for my pink / red eyes when needed. ... because i <3 them, lol.

7/22/05 12:08 am - WEEZER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tonight was Weezer. It was fabulous. I love them so much. Went with Kaite. It was Great. They didn't play "Keep Fishing". Which upset me greatly, but oh well. They played some OLD stuff tho, so that's cool. Too bad Nat wasn't there. I hate that I missed Weezer ROCKED It!

Set List:
(from what I can remember. not in this order, these are by album, not by set list tonight.)

my name is jonas - opener
buddy holly
undone - the sweater song
say it ain't so
hash pipe
island in the sun
beverly hills
we are all on drugs
hold me
(can't remember the closer)

They also played a couple of other (Older) songs that I can't remember now... oh well..

However the DID NOT play:
dope nose
keep fishin

Pissed me off man. LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE Keep Fishin.

Oh well. Had a lovely time. =) Missed Nat tho =( She's the one that got me into them.

7/4/05 01:05 am - You'll always be my Konstantine

I Will Fight

You can go here for more information:


6/2/05 10:21 am - Tattoo Pics

Because Ashley is a goddess, she posted pics of my tattoo... Thankyou Thankyou Thankyou!

These pics are good, but not all that great, cuz it's still scabby and stuff... but as soon as it heals i'll post more pics.

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

More under the cut:
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5/29/05 11:54 pm - Good Charlotte/Simple Plan/Relient K - May 27, 2005

So if you would like to know all about the trip to Atlanta, and Relient K, and Simple Plan, and Good Charlotte, please click on the following link:

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4/20/05 10:57 pm

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
Jepha's Lips Are Love

Made By:idarzsan

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
Amy Lee is Fallen Love

Made By:t0rn86

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Made By:lvlystori

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
Daria is Sarcastic Love

Made By:sweetchick200

2/22/05 04:33 pm

Taste of Chaos 2/18/2005 - Orlando, FL

Summary: Show was awesome. Pit was fabulous. Met the used, lead singer of A Static Lullaby, and Chris from Underoath.

Pics behind cut.

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2/7/05 12:02 am - OK people, listen up!

If you are ever in a mosh pit and somebody is crowd surfing and they are comming your way... DO NOT PANIC! Raise your arms in the air, and help pass him or her along. Do not stop and go: "Oh my god, he/she is comming right for me"... Just raise your arms into the air and help him or her along. Do not stop to gawk, Do not move out of the way, Just raise your arms.

So now, because I feel every 15yr old in Nashville needs this, how to crowd surf and a few moshing tips:

**If you ever plan on going to a concert that will have moshing/crowd surfing involved, please live by the following rules:

If you are in the crowd:

*If someone is being passed your way by means of them crowd surfing, the most important thing for you to do is raise your arms. This will save whoever is surfing, your neck, and mine.

*Do not move out of the way! Crowd surfing is very dangerous. Not just for the idiot that happens to be doing it, but for yourself as well. If you move out of the way while the guy or gal is about to surf over you... 9 times out of 10, they will fall into the hole that you just created. This could really injure them, and yourself if they fall onto you... all because you moved out of the way instead of raising your arms.

*If you are tall, and in the crowd, and notice that "hey, let's throw this guy/gal that is surfing up closer to the front" please give us short people a warning. A nice loud "Heads up" or "Comming your way" works well. Hell, I'll even take a "Yo!". This helps us know that they are comming so we can raise our arms up and be ready. If we get no warning, 9 times out of 10, the will land into our necks and we will drop them automatically from the pain.

*Pass, not throw. Gently pass the surfer along. If you try to throw them into a different section, more than likely someone will get hurt. Even if it's just a good kick to the head, it is not fun. So just pass along, and don't throw.

* DO NOT BE AFRAID! Even if you are not brave enough, for various reasons, to crowd surf yourself, do not take the joy out of it for others. We can all get along and work nicely together as long as you are cool with it. If it's your first show, no worries, just follow these steps. DO NOT BE AFRAID! You will not get hurt as long as you raise your hands, help to genlty pass them instead of throwing them, and if your tall give us shorties a warning. It is fun and exciting, not something to be afraid of. Remember, if you are afraid, stick to the outside areas where surfing is less likely to take place. Because if you are afraid, you will be the one that steps to the side instead of raising your arms and will let the surfer fall and get hurt. This is not good, so DON'T BE AFRAID! Embrace surfing, it can be one of your best friends.

*If a fellow idiot does not follow these rules and someone does happen to fall, please be nice and help them up. They are probably in pain from just being dropped at least 4 feet. Help them up, ask if they are ok, and get back to enjoying the concert.

*Enjoy the show, but keep an eye on what's going on around you. If a lot of surfing is going on, keep your arms available to be able to pass someone at any time. Every once in a while look behind you to make sure nobody is comming your way... If they are, please let your buddies around you know so they can be ready.

If you are the brave soul surfing:

*Taking off your shoes and giving them to a buddy might not be such a bad idea. A, your buddy will have them instead of some idiot that takes them off of you to throw into the crowd and B, I will not get the shit kicked outa me by your wanna be punk Chucks.

*Stay as flat as you can. This helps to avoid kickage, and it is easier to gently pass you along. Plus, your less likely to fall.

*Do NOT grab anybody in the crowd's head! This hurts like hell. Just because I might have long hair does not mean you need to take it with you while surfing. I promise, it will not save your life.

*Don't use the crowd's head as a kickoff... This hurts like a motherfucker and I will drop you the first chance I get because I am in pain.

Moshing rules are by far easier:

*If they fall pick them up. Do not let them get trampled on just because you pushed them down too hard. Just take 2 seconds and help them up.

*If someone doesn't want to be involved that's cool. Just make a circle pit and let them move around it if it bother's them.

*If you don't like moshing, stick to the outside areas. It is less likely to be invaded by moshers.

If any of this bothers you, observe from the outside areas, or perhaps a balcony where moshing/surfing does not occur. Do not bring someone else down just because you are a chicken shit.

Clothing tips:

*Large boots hurt like hell. So if your going to surf, please where something softer like Chucks, or just take your shoes off.
*If your a girl and plan to surf, do not wear a skirt with just a thong on under it. Nobody wants to touch that, and I 100% garuntee that we will laugh and make fun of you. You are NOT that hot.
*Large, dangly earings make great targets for surfers to pull on. Wear studs instead.

Thankyou, that is all.

**If I have forgotten anything, please let me know! =) **
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